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Events in the ASYCUDA Programme
31/1/2017 IATA, UNCTAD Collaborate to Boost Global Adoption of Cargo Messaging Standards More Info
12/1/2016 Official ASYCUDA World launch ceremony in Cap Verde More Info
15/10/2015 DCTA & UNCTAD join efforts to assist Customs in the fight against fraud More Info
8/6/2015 A customs delegation from Cote d'Ivoire visits UNCTAD Head Office to strengthen cooperation More Info
4/6/2015 EQUATORIAL GUINEA - The Government supports the UN customs system

Updates to the Website
18/3/2015 Update to the customs information web pages, HS, Revised Kyoto Convention, etc.. Updated links to thew website.
30/10/2013 GEORGIA - Updated country/ASYCUDAWorld information and Implementation map.
22/10/2013 AFGHANISTAN - Updated country information More Info
23/7/2013 New HS2012 tariff available on ASYCUDA website
15/4/2012 Revised WCO Data Model page on the website

Other News and Announcements
7/5/2017 JAMAICA - The Commissioner of Customs encourages use of Advance Cargo Clearance
5/5/2015 AFGHANISTAN - ASYCUDAWorld SMS Alert System launched in the Afghanistan Customs Department
30/4/2015 AFGHANISTAN - Exchange of electronic Customs data between Afghanistan and Pakistan
& Website of the Tajikistan Customs Service
23/3/2015 DOMINICA. Increased Import Efficiency with ASYCUDA World
16/9/2013 Extract from the European Union Opening Statement at the 60-th Session of UNCTAD Trade and Development Board, Geneva : " The EU and its Member States welcome UNCTAD’s active participation in the trade facilitation needs assessment process, in promoting implementation of trade facilitation reforms and in streamlining customs procedures through the ASYCUDA programme."

Press Articles
10/7/2013 UK/GIBRALTAR - Afghan Ministry of Finance and Customs visit Gibraltar (GBC News); Visit of Afghan Ministry of Finance and Customs Officials to H.M. Customs Gibraltar (VOX); Afghan delegation in Gib Customs (Gibraltar Chronicle)
12/5/2013 SRI LANKA - Automation, the key to effective trading
26/2/2013 GIBRALTAR - Gibraltar Yacht Clearance Further Simplified
26/2/2013 ARUBA - ASYCUDA a start
25/2/2013 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Trinidad and Tobago moves to improve "ease of doing business"